July 8, 2016

What’s Involved

What are the Risks?

Risks of DXA scanning are very low. There is a small amount of radiation exposure about that you would expect from a flight to Rome or a days background radiation.

How do I prepare for a DXA Body Composition Analysis?

You do not need to do anything in particular to prepare for a body composition test. However, you should not book this test within one week of having an examination that uses barium, a radioisotope injection, or oral or intravenous contrast material (such as an MRI or CT scan).

What You Should Let Our Doctor Know About.

Before your scan, let our administrator or technologist know if you are currently pregnant or you have had barium contrast tests within 1 week of your appointment. We would not recomend even the tiny radiation exposure of DXA body composition scan in pregnancy even though it is considered to be safe.

What’s involved in your DXA Body Composition Analysis test.

The scan is completely painless and takes about 20 minutes to complete.
When you come in for the test, you will need to remove all jewellery, hair accessories, glasses, and other metal objects such as belts, metal zips and buttons as they may interfere with the test. You do not normally need to undress but we will provide you with a gown for the test, if you prefer.

For the test, you will lie still on a padded table while the DXA unit scans your entire body.

What to Expect After Your Test.


You can return to your normal activities immediately after your DXA body composition analysis.

Test Results

An experienced doctor will analyse the data and results from your test. The test results will be sent to you. During the test, our technologists will be happy to answer questions about the test itself.


Sample Body Composition Report