July 13, 2016

Body Composition Scan

Body composition is not just useful for the bodybuilder or elite triathlete. It can help the everyday athlete improve their performance and reduce their risk of sports related injury.

Below you can see some example reports for a  male, runner, in his 50s who presented to his personal trainer with knee and back pains that were exacerbated by marathon training. Although of normal BMI (Body Mass Index) it can be seen that he has an android distribution of fat (central obesity around the waist), common in males, but associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. This body composition scan is able to demonstrate clearly that although not overweight he is over fat. This can now be addressed to reduce cardiovascular risk by nutritional assessment and appropriate diet and exercise.

You will also see a lateral curvature in the spine probably resulting from a fracture some years before due to a fall when horse riding but the normal bone density puts him at low risk of fractures now. Although right dominant (right handed) which shows in the increased lean muscle mass of the right arm the lean muscle mass in his left leg is greater than the right. This unexpected asymetry may explain the knee and back pain and is now being addressed by a training regime aimed at increasing muscle mass in the affected limbs and spine.

Follow up scans three or four months later can be used to demonstrate the dietary and training objectives are being achieved.

Bone Densitometry Report       Sample Body Composition Report